How We Can Help

The GPs' Own Charity can Support you in Times of Need

We can provide grants for living expenses during a period of retraining or transfer to an alternative career.

We can provide grants to enable general practitioners and their dependants to meet reasonable living costs, such as rent, Council Tax and children’s extra-curricular activities, which are not covered by insurance claims or by State Benefits.

We can provide secured and unsecured interest-free loans to meet expenses, such as property repairs, or to cover a period of temporary income loss when there are not sufficient savings.

We can provide grants for a short low-cost holiday or respite break when their circumstances will not enable them to meet the cost.

We can occasionally pay for school fees for short periods following a critical event, such
as a bereavement, to enable completion of examinations before entry or return to the State system.

We are sometimes able to assist with the additional expenses of GPs and their dependants
in residential and nursing care.

Our support for GPs’ dependants and for retired GPs, who are reliant on State Benefits,
covers assistance in complementary areas such as paying for television licences and gardening.
This form of help contributes to enabling those individuals to remain in their own home and retain
a reasonable quality of life.

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