The Application Process

The GPs' Own Charity can Support you in Times of Need.

From the form and related documents provided by an applicant, a report is prepared which includes a financial statement detailing assets, debts, income and expenditure.  Additional information is often requested to ensure that the report of an applicant’s circumstances is as accurate as possible. References are sought once the applicant has given permission.

A trustee will visit an applicant to ensure that we fully understand their situation and enable us to provide the most appropriate support.

The report and additional notes from the visit are then circulated to all trustees, who decide on the provision of assistance at regular quarterly meetings.

Where we are unable to assist, we try to signpost the applicant to a more appropriate organisation, often another medical charity.

When it is evident that emergency support is needed, the Chairman will authorise a grant prior to the quarterly meeting.

We endeavour to provide the most appropriate support and often a beneficiary’s circumstances will be reviewed at each meeting when their situation is changing rapidly, for example during illness or marital breakdown.

You can download an Application Form or obtain a form from the Cases Officer.

If you are the son or daughter of an existing beneficiary and are undertaking a degree course or vocational training, you may also apply for a student grant by downloading an Student Allowance Application Form or obtaining a form from the Cases Officer.