Who is Eligible?

The GPs' Own Charity can Support you in Times of Need

We help both working and retired doctors, who have worked in the NHS as a GP for a substantial period of their careers.

We help doctors who have been accepted on to a programme of speciality training for general practice and can demonstrate continuing satisfactory progress on the scheme.

We help the dependents of GPs and formers GPs who are under 18.

We help the dependents of GPs and former GPs who are over 18 and can demonstrate reliance
on the support of a GP, former GP or another dependent of a GP.

We help young doctors just starting out in the profession and doctors facing difficulties in the middle of their careers - perhaps through GMC restrictions or issues relating to their regulatory body.

For the sons and daughters of existing and former beneficiaries, we award an annual grant to contribute to the cost of study and training including a first degree course