Frequently Asked Questions

We support GPs in times of need

Do you need to be a member of the Cameron Fund to receive support?
No. Assistance from the Cameron Fund is available to any GP, former GP or GP dependant who is eligible.

Does the Cameron Fund only help those people who have made a donation?
No. Assistance is available to any GP, former GP or GP dependant who is eligible.

Do you need to be a BMA member to receive support?
No. We are here to help any GP or former GP, providing they are eligible.  You do not need to be or have been a member of any organisation.  We will need your GMC number and GP Register number.   If you are the dependant of a GP, we will also need the GP’s GMC number and GP Register number.

Why do you want to share information about an applicant with other charities?
We often work with other charities, such as the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund to provide appropriate support.  Sometimes, another charity is able to provide assistance when we are unable to do so.  Occasionally, where significant support is needed, we work with another charity to reduce the cost to the Cameron Fund.

Can the Cameron Fund help with nursing home and residential home fees?
We can assist with fees for residential and nursing care providing the applicant is eligible and the maximum State Benefits have been accessed including the Local Authority contribution where the applicant has Preserved Rights.

Can the Cameron Fund help with school fees?
Providing the applicant is eligible, we can assist with children’s school fees in an examination year or for a short period prior to joining or re-entering the State system.  We can make a contribution to school uniform, extra-curricular activities and school journeys.

Can the Cameron Fund help with the costs of tertiary education?
We have a specific scheme to assist the children of existing and former beneficiaries.  Students who are eligible as dependants of a GP and are in financial hardship can make a standard application.  Generally, the Cameron Fund contributes to the costs associated with first degree courses and vocational training after secondary education.