For LMCs

Your donations and referrals help us to support more GPs and their families.


The Cameron Fund welcomes referrals from Local Medical Committees and other organisations, or individuals, who may know of someone in, or facing, financial difficulties.

We provide support to current and former GPs and their families in times of financial need. If you are aware of someone who might benefit from our support, please contact us.

Read more about making a referral.


We are dependent upon donated income and our support for GPs cannot increase unless our donations increase as well.

Local Medical Committees which have non-statutory funds support us very generously. We receive regular annual donations and generous responses each year to our Christmas Appeal. Some LMCs operate a Charity Levy for our benefit. Find out more about donating as an LMC.

Other Ways LMCs Can Help

Spread the Word

Please help those in need find us, by linking to our website and liking our Facebook Page. If your LMC has a Facebook page and you like us as your page, let us know and we will like you back, so our pages will be linked. You could also Tweet about us.

Work With Us

We have a strong relationship with LMCs, which help by referring potential applicants and working with us on the assistance we provide.

Encourage Member Donations

LMCs can encourage individual Gift-Aided donations from their members and set up a Charity Levy.