Link To Us

Mother and Baby Linking to us can help those in need find us.

Please help more GPs in need find us, by linking to us from your website. To do so, paste the code below into your web page code.

Text and Graphic

To place a Cameron Fund link and logo on your website, copy the following HTML code onto your web page:

<!-- Cameron Fund link STARTS here -->
<a href="" title="The GPs Own Charity"><img src=" " alt="Cameron Fund Logo" border="0"></a>
<!-- Cameron Fund link ENDS here -->

Note: For better performance, we recommend you download a copy of the logo and copy it to your web server.

To copy the logo to your computer, position your mouse on top of the graphic and click the right button. From the list that pops up, choose "Save Image As" (Firefox and Safari users) or "Save Picture As" (Internet Explorer users). The graphic will then be saved to your computer and can be uploaded to your web server.

Text Only

If you'd prefer not to include a graphic, use the following code to create a text-only link for your page:

<!-- Cameron Fund link BEGINS here -->
<a href="" title="The Cameron Fund">The GPs' Own Charity</a>
<!-- Cameron Fund link ENDS here -->