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Your donations help us to support more GPs and their families
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Can you make a donation to the Cameron Fund?

We are dependent upon donated income to supplement the dividends and bank interest earned from our investments.  Our support for GPs cannot increase unless our donations increase as well.

We receive donations from GPs, former GPs, GPs’ families, GP partnerships, Local Medical Committees and other individuals and organisations.   They may be single donations, regular monthly or annual donations made by standing order, a response to an appeal, a legacy or maybe a donation in somebody’s memory.

We are grateful for all the money that we receive but regular donations enable us to plan for the future.  They account for nearly half our total income. The balance comes from bank interest and dividends on our investments.   We are confident that Sarasin & Partners, who manage our investments, are effective in securing the best possible income and capital growth but fluctuations in the stock market and low interest rates cause wide variations in the income that we receive.

The investment fund is not endowed which means that if the cost of the support that we give to our beneficiaries exceeds our income, our investment fund is reduced and our future income decreases.

We do not place any arbitrary or absolute limits on the assistance that we provide to beneficiaries.  So, unless our income grows, we cannot increase the value of the financial assistance that we provide without drawing from our investment fund.

We want to help every eligible applicant who comes to us but we cannot do so in the long term unless our donated income increases and our investment fund grows. 

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