LMC Donations

Your donations help us to support more GPs and their families. Downloads:

Local Medical Committees, which have non-statutory funds support us very generously. We receive regular annual donations and generous responses each year to our Christmas Appeal. Some LMCs operate a Charity Levy for our benefit.

If your LMC would like to provide a regular donation, complete the standing order form and send to [email protected]

We are very grateful for the regular donations that we already receive from LMCs, but the operation of a Charity Levy for the Cameron Fund, would be of greater assistance.

What is a Charity Levy?

  • LMCs invite GP partnerships to agree to a levy on the number of registered patients, e.g. 3p per patient.
  • Those partnerships who decide to participate sign a mandate authorising the Payments Organisation to deduct the levy from payments to the practices and forward the total levy to the LMC.
  • The LMC sends all money collected to the Cameron Fund.

The Benefits

  • The levy is practice-based and continues until revoked or the partnership dissolves.
  • It is deducted as an expense before tax is applied.
  • Therefore if a GP has 1,800 patients, a levy of 3p per patient produces £54 gross for the Cameron Fund but at a personal cost of £36 to the GP.
  • The greater the number of GPs and the greater the number of participating practices, the larger the donation to the Cameron Fund.

If you want to know more about the operation of a Charity Levy, visit our Charity Levy page or contact [email protected] for details.