The Charity Levy

Set Up A Charity Levy For Us

A letter should be circulated to all practice managers in your LMC area which should be cut and pasted on your headed paper, customised and signed by your Chairman.  A specimen letter is attached.

The letter refers to sample cases and a mandate form. The Sample Cases flyer and the mandate form also attached should be enclosed with the specimen letter.

At the same time as the letters are sent out, the Area Team, or whatever your payment organisation is called, should be contacted and their agreement obtained to deducting the levy from those practices completing and submitting the mandate.  Explain that it is a charity levy and they should not charge any administration fee.

The process:

  1. Each practice should consider if they want to be included. 
  2. One of the partners should sign the mandate form for the amount they wish to be deducted per patient and sent it back to the LMC.
  3. The LMC should then send the completed mandate forms to the Area Team, or equivalent. 
  4. The LMC should receive the levy monies after the next payments have gone practices.
  5. The LMC should remit the levy monies to the Cameron Fund.