Money Advice

The GPs' own charity can support you in times of need.

The Cameron Fund is unable to provide grants or loans to applicants who have not claiming State Benefits to which they are entitled. To assist with claiming State Benefits and to reducing expenditure, the Cameron Fund will pay for applicants to receive Money Advice from a certified and insured Money Advisor.

Following completion of the application form, potential beneficiaries will be asked to authorise us to provide information on their income and expenditure to the Money Advisor who will then conduct a telephone interview and provide them with a letter setting out suggestions on how to increase their income and reduce their expenditure and, in most cases, provide them with a monthly budget. These documents are also provided to the Cameron Fund.

Money Advice is often the first form of assistance that we provide after receipt of an application. As well as giving the applicant initial support, the suggestions help the Trustees assess what additional support would be suitable.