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Useful Articles & Factsheets

Here are some articles and fact sheets that you may find useful.

British Medical Journal

Here is a research study published by BMJ Open on stress encountered by GPs in the NHS Essex area: Depersonalised Doctors.

The Guardian

An article published on 16 May 2014 about doctors who hide their own illnesses: Why Doctors Hide Their Own Illnesses.

Career Coaching

The Cameron Fund is able to provide career coaching for eligible applicants who would like to pursue an alternative career using their qualifications and experience.

We will pay for six hours of coaching and advice to support for eligible applicants with Merceric Personal Development to assist them to begin an alternative career.

If you would like to apply to the Cameron Fund for career coaching and career advice, please complete an Application for Assistance Form.  To access our Applying For Help page, click here.

There is a useful Guide to Alternative Careers for GPs which may be of assistance if you are considering finding employment elsewhere in medicine of in a separate field.

Face to face support is offered flexibly to suit an individual’s needs and their progress towards alternative employment. The six hour program covers: ensuring an individual undertakes a structured process to identify suitable alternative options based on their skills, strengths and work preferences; ensuring motivation to commence a proactive job campaign; coaching on how to prepare for an effective competency-based interview and developing a resilience and determination to continue with the job campaign.

In addition to the six hour program, there is access to a career web site to assist in matching skills to roles and unlimited telephone coaching following job interviews.

Money Advice

The following articles are by Jeff Brown - the Cameron Fund's Money Advisor.

Jeff has 25 years experience in the field of money advice, having worked for a CAB, National Debtline, a bank and a mortgage lender.  Jeff is now a successful freelance trainer and consultant in debt advice / benefits advice to the not for profit sector and credit industry. He is a regular trainer for the Council of Mortgage Lenders and has delivered in-house training to over a dozen of their members. Jeff is also an approved tutor for the Money Advice Trust and the Institute of Money Advisers at both caseworker and specialist levels.