Our Money Management Tips for GPs

Submitted by Mary Barton - 7/14/2020 1:25:35 PM

As well as offering grants and loans to those who find themselves in financial crisis, one of the objects of the Cameron Fund is the prevention of hardship.

Talking to colleagues from other medical charities and other GP support organisations and committees, we shared the idea of offering some guidance for newly-qualified GPs when they start out. Obviously, they have already been working as a doctor, but here at the Fund we are only too aware of some of the money problems that affect the GPs who approach us for help. 

10 Top Tips for Financial Wellbeing has been written with our Money Advisor, Jeff Brown of  Adviceworks. Over the years he has spoken to many of our GP applicants (and their families), offering them really valuable support and guidance.  This is not financial advice, but money management.